The Book of Life

We have recently introduced a new and inspiring way of working with biography work in the third pathway (term). After identifying particular moments in our biographies we transform our stories through painting, reflective writing, journaling and poetry. Something very new and unexpected comes about each time.

New discoveries

The awareness of movement in our biographies:

  • That our stories are not fixed in time, but that they live in the movement of time
    The experience of spaciousness in our story is enhanced, offering a different, deeper and more meaningful perspective.
  • The discovery that ‘unimportant moments’ are important and add to the uniqueness of our life stories, encouraging value and ownership.
  • The awareness grows, that we can be in touch with our lives, but do not need to be chained to them, in touch and don’t need to leave anything behind.

After the journey has been completed we sew our ‘Book of Life’ together by binding the different paintings together. The activity of stitching offers a quality of ‘stitching my life together’. We then personalise these books with aspects of our journalling, text, poetry and images. Our books became works of art by the time we complete the journey echoing that our individual story is unique and that it is important to honor our story no matter how difficult the challenges have been.

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