Reconnecting with my Life’s Thread

Many of us feel that we have lost contact with our ‘golden thread” which leads us through the twists and turns of our life’s path. This may have been worse through the last two years in the pandemic. Maybe we feel we have lost our way in the labyrinth.

In the Greek myth of Ariadne we are told that she gives Theseus a reel of thread to help him find his way out after having conquered the Minotaur. We sometimes need help and the support of others can be of real benefit. This course combines reconnecting to our own inner resources and sharing our experiences with others.

This self-contained course of 10 weeks is open to anyone who would like to work with others on this theme. The group will be supported with conversation, meditative writing and artistic work (no previous experience required).

5th October 2022

Wednesdays: 2 – 5pm

Cost: Assessed according to individual means during interview

Nbr. of participants: 6 – 8 with 2 facilitators