Oasis Stroud – A creative support group

Situated in Stroud, Gloucestershire, Oasis is a support group open to anyone looking for new perspectives on life in the face of challenging life circumstances.

St Luke's Medical Centre, Stroud

St Luke’s Medical Centre, Stroud

Facilitated by experienced therapists Pauline Marksteiner and Anne Tandree , Oasis is based at St Luke’s Therapy Centre and offers a sharing, safe space for participants to undertake a creative exploration of life’s journey.

The principal course at Oasis Stroud – ‘Making Sense of Life‘, – is a year-long programme structured into 3 terms, each of 12 weeks. For those wishing to continue their journey after this course, we run shorter programmes which develop and build on questions that have arisen during the year-long course, although these are still available to anyone, not just those who have completed the longer course.

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