Our Biography as a Work of Art

Who is the author of our life story?

The pressures of modern life challenge us to go back to the roots of our existence. By connecting more deeply with our own stories, we learn to understand ourselves more and in turn others. By finding greater context and meaning we are encouraged to deepen our relationships.

We may discover that our narratives are unique, unparalled and precious even though we may previously have considered our lives to be pretty insignificant.

This programme is structured into three pathways with 12 weekly sessions. Biographical explorations and artistic work (no previous experience is needed) will accompany this process. Sharing it with others in a safe space of attentive listening and warm receptivity offers another dimension.

Start Date:
11th January 2016
Mondays 9.30am-12.30pm
St Luke’s Medical Centre
53 Cainscross Rd
Stroud GL5 4EX
assessed according to individual means during interview
Karin Jarman Art Therapist,
Tel: 01453 757436
Pauline Marksteiner – Biographical Counsellor
Tel: 07981 760018
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