Jumping Mouse: A 1 day taster workshop

To celebrate Oasis’ first ten years, we are offering a taster workshop to provide a glimpse into the bridge we are building between therapy and arts.

Jumping Mouse is a Native American story of initiation in and through our daily life experience. A humble little mouse hears a noise that none of his fellow mice can hear. He resolves to find out what the noise is, and sets off on a journey of discovery that takes him to the far-off Sacred Mountain and to the heart of the mystery of Life.
The beauty and simplicity of the story at first screens its profound meaning and message, which is pressingly relevant to us at this time of major inner and outer transformation.

In this workshop, we will explore aspects of Jumping Mouse’s journey through art and drama activities, as well as through group sharing and reflection. The story will form the thread of the workshop, as we creatively engage in uncovering its meaning and relevance to our own inner and outer journeys.

No prior art or drama experience is necessary to be able to fully participate.

Adam Fotheringham

Adam is an actor, director, teacher and previous Oasis participant.

“I was introduced to this wonderful story by Karin, and responded on a deep level to the wisdom contained within it. Such stories enter as if through the back door of our consciousness, working on a soul rather than an intellectual level. In the drama work we shall creatively use our bodies and voices to allow us to experience aspects of the story, working together in a way that complements the more individual approach taken in painting.”

Karin Jarman

Karin is an art therapist and long distance walker

“When I first came across the story of “Jumping Mouse”, shortly after it was first published, I immediately recognised many themes of my own biography. I felt myself uplifted and confirmed in some of my more subtle and intimate feelings, which are difficult to put into words. Images, on the other hand, give this wonderful freedom space in which to find oneself mirrored in exactly the right, personal form.
I am looking forward to sharing my delight in this remarkable tale and offering a painting journey echoing the simplicity of the story and finding its profound messages together with you, the participants.”

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