Our Biography as a Work of Art

‘Our Biography as a Work of Art’ is a year-long course comprising 3 terms or ‘Pathways’, each of 12 weeks. During the course, we hope to look at the essence, the important themes, the red thread running through our lives and ask the burning questions that may have been buried due to the business of our daily lives. Perhaps the onset of an illness, a bereavement or other life crisis has prompted a deeper look beyond our daily existence. We may feel that changes are asked for, that those deeper aspects need to be given space and explored. The authentic part of us wants to be greeted and honoured.

  1. First Pathway – Tracing the narrative of our life from before birth to 21 years
    We begin by tracing the narrative of our life’s journey, discovering the thread running through it and coming to an accepting understanding of our biography. The art exercises accompanying this process lead to a deep experience of the uniqueness of each person’s life.
  2. Second Pathway – The Art of living in the Here and Now
    We explore where we are at the present moment and try to address the challenges and crises that face us, in order to discover the growing points for further development and change. We work with exercises for managing these life situations and emotions. Listening, sharing and becoming aware of our own resources form an important part of this pathway.
  3. Third Pathway – Creating a vision for the future
    During this pathway, the aim is to find a context for the different aspects of our biography. We address the spiritual questions that may have arisen and begin to look at integrating our personal experiences. By deepening the group process itself, mutual support and encouragement can help uncover the potential that lives in each person to lead a fulfilling and creative life.
    See also this post about creating a ‘Book of Life’ during this third pathway.

This course is available to a maximum of 8 participants, and is run by experienced facilitators Karin Jarman and Pauline Marksteiner.

How long is this course?
One year, featuring 3 terms or ‘pathways’ each of 12 weeks
Who is it for?
This course is open to anyone looking for new perspectives in life in the face of challenging life circumstances.
All Oasis courses take place on Wednesdays, from 2.00 – 5.00pm
Each session includes a break with bring-and-share refreshments.
Where is it?
St. Luke’s Therapy Centre
Cainscross Road
Gl5 4EX
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How much does it cost?
The cost of Oasis courses is assessed according to each individual’s means. Participants interested in joining a course will be invited for an initial interview, during which they will be asked what level of financial commitment they can make. Please understand that once agreed, this financial commitment is binding and needs to be paid even if, for whatever reason, you are unable to attend a session.

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If you are interested in joining the next course, or for more information, please call Pauline Marksteiner on 07981 760018 or Nicole Weinberger on 07493187131
Alternatively you could use our contact form.