About Oasis in Stroud

The ‘Oasis Support Group for Living Creatively’ at St Luke’s Medical Centre in Stroud, Gloucestershire, was set up by Karin Jarman in 2004. She was joined by Pauline Marksteiner in 2007 and with their combined skills, have developed the Oasis concept still further from its original conception. In 2016 Nicole Weinberger begins her collaboration with Oasis and while Karin Jarman has focused in expanding her teaching in Europe and Thailand, Pauline Marksteiner and Nicole Weinberger are now starting in January 2018 their second group “Making Sense of Life“.

Oasis exists under the umbrella of The Association for the Promotion of Artistic Therapy (Charity No. 266040) which was created to advance the study and practice of artistic therapy and the related therapies of music massage and hydrotherapy, according to the principles of general therapy as expounded by the late Rudolf Steiner.